We believe in creating products that offer you a piece of home wherever you may be around the world. Filled with a mother’s love and her daughters’ happiest childhood memories, our handmade, local and high-quality Piedmontese pastries do just that, they are a piece of home in every single bite.

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Vini e Dolci, Gummersbach
“Le faccio sapere che i Tartufi dolci sono ben accettati dalla nostra clientela, per il mio personale giudizzio,sono ottimi ed hanno un elegante squisito gusto e` molto persistente al palato sono gli ingredienti usati
Jacopo Rainero
“When I met the family behind Mamù, I understood why their pastry is so special”
Constanze Weiß
“Das köstliche Gebäck von Mamù hat etwas Magisches an sich; mit jedem Bissen fühlt man sich gut aufgehoben und ganz wie Zuhause”

Baking as a mother-daughters-team, we try to put the sensation of cosy and safe at-home-time with your mother in everything we touch, infusing our products with an edible hug.