Petit Fours

Delizie Our Delizie chocolates are a winter special that embodies the very best parts about the cold season. Made simply with PGI Piedmontese hazelnuts and dark chocolate, they melt in your mouth and warm your heart in just one bite.

Biglie  Possibly one of our simplest sweets, Biglie express simple elegance like nothing else. PGI Piedmontese hazelnuts, covered in a crumbly layer of sugar, they are round like marbles and fit in any pocket or purse for your midday pick-me-up.

Trifole – One bite to bring back the chocolate smiles of your childhood. Our truffles are made exclusively with hazelnuts and chocolate. We have decided to leave out any butter or cream to enhance their true Piedmontese flavour.

Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate, White chocolate

Croccante – One of our classic childhood sweets, Croccante makes the perfect everyday snack even in adulthood and is a great source of energy. Made only of PGI Piedmontese hazelnuts and sugar, in Alessandria we describe them as ‘Dus c’me la mè’: sweet like honey!

Amaretti Leone  Dedicated to the expert hands and the noble heart of our Maestro, the greatest pastry chef in our city, we have created our Amaretti Leone, made of Sicilian almonds and flavoured with candied orange.

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