We believe in creating products that offer you a piece of home wherever you may be around the world. Filled with a mother’s love and her daughters’ happiest childhood memories, our handmade, local and high-quality Piedmontese pastries do just that, they are a piece of home in every single bite.

Striving to find the perfect balance between what was and what can be, we connect the charm of childhood memories to the endless possibilities of a future well lived, adding a sprinkle of both to all our pastries. As strong believers in the Slow Food philosophy and with a background at the University of Gastronomic Sciences, for us, this means looking at our own home and the many wonderful producers around us to fill our biscuits and cakes with high-quality ingredients from local farmers. To deliver the sense of home in cookie form, it is as much about our loving handy work as it is about the ingredients.

Baking as a mother-daughters-team, we try to put the sensation of cosy and safe at-home-time with your mother in everything we touch, infusing our products with an edible hug.

At MAMU we believe in:

1. Handmade pastry infused with the feeling of home wherever you may be
2. High-quality ingredients from local producers close to our own home
3. Antique and traditional recipes as a nod to the charm of what has been
4. The sense of a mother’s love, an edible hug, in all our pastries
5. A piece of home in every single bite
6. Simple pastry packed with high-quality ingredients and loving handy work
7. The simple elegance of a job well done
8. Our hometown of Alessandria in Monferrato
9. A strong belief in the Slow Food philosophy
10. A beautiful packaging to mirror the high-quality of our products


Franca – Our story is born from her, she is Mamù! Franca is the economic and productive soul of the company. A degree in Sociology, she raised us among a sea of books and pampering, always with her soft blonde hair and some freshly baked goodies in arm’s reach. She created the Gagliaudo cake and is known to be precise and scrupulous but also incredibly sweet, just like her cookies.

Giovanni – Engineer by profession, inventor by vocation, Olympic champion of ‘dots on I`s’ and experiments, Giovanni is the mad scientist who has everything but the hair. A great storyteller – his most famous story is about the Black Smoke, locomotive of the Far West and protagonist of countless adventures – he gives his valuable contribution to everything that requires calculation and precision.

Giulia – Giulia is the happy heart of the family, the first to enjoy our mom’s sweet cuddles and our dad’s extravagances. She is an engineer and lover of beauty, which is why the job of dressing our shop window is always hers. Though she lives in Zurich, she helps us from far away. Patient and thoughtful, her mission is to bring Mamù across the alps towards her new home.

Silvia – Intuitive and wild, Silvia loves the countryside, the sea, the wind. She has been a gastronome since childhood and then, through her degree in Gastronomic Sciences, grew a veneration for tradition and the cuisine of women. At Mamù, she loves to create new networks and collaborations, for if patisserie has given her precision, cuisine has taught her that nothing in life can exist without creating bonds.