Canestrelli al Timorasso – Cultivated in Alessandria since ancient times, the newly rediscovered Timorasso grape joins this delicate shortbread as a tribute to our beloved hometown. Slightly salty, the classic daisy-shaped cookie is made with extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of sugar.

Frollini Speziati  Allow yourself to slow down and take a break with our spiced shortbreads and a glass of Verduno Pelaverga. Using our own spice blend, eggs, butter, flour, and sugar, we ensure for these squared and striped biscuits to develop their delicate, yet unique flavour.

Crumiri – Dedicated to King Vittorio Emanuele II, our Crumiri biscuits even take their shape from the king’s characteristic handlebar moustache. Made with cornmeal, butter, and fresh egg yolks, they are available in three versions: classic, cocoa and chocolate, as a winter special.

Classic, Cocoa, Chocolate

Melighette  Our characteristic and traditional Melighette instantly brings Piedmont to mind. We highlight our long and striped version by using the ancient eight-row cornmeal from our hometown Alessandria, along with fresh lemons from the Amalfi Coast.

Soffici Frollini  These soft and round shortbreads are guaranteed to pamper your heart and soul like a mother’s embrace. Made of starch, icing sugar and firm yolks, they melt in the mouth and release a wonderful vanilla note, from either Madagascar or Sri Lankan vanilla.

Moretti  Perfect for children, chocolate-loving adults, and anyone with a sweet tooth, our large, round Moretti bring back the happiest childhood memories. Baked with cocoa and dark chocolate drops, they are a staple in the kitchen.

Parla Nèn Whether you have been to Piedmont or not, our delicious Parla Nèn are guaranteed to take you here in just one bite. As one of the region’s most famous desserts, we offer these beautiful hazelnut disks joined together with Gianduja cream in a classic and a cocoa version.

Classic, Cocoa

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