Torta Gagliaudo

Piedmontese IGP hazelnuts, butter, sugar, flour.

An unconventional twist on the classic hazelnut cake.


How this cake is born

In 1174 Alessandria had lain under siege by Federico Barbarossa’s troops for many months. The city was at the end of its tether, food was running low, and no-one knew what to do. A clever farmer called Gagliaudo managed to convince the authorities and his fellow citizens to give up the very last sack of wheat to be used to feed his own cow. After the cow had eaten all the wheat, Gagliaudo went out of the city, and put his cow out to graze right outside the city’s walls. His fellow citizens, as well as the Emperor’s troops, bore witness to the unusual scene. The Emperor was informed that a strange farmer and a well-fed cow were outside the city. The Emperor spoke to Gagliaudo and, heard that the city still had enough wheat to be able to feed the cows, and saw cow’s stomach full of fresh wheat.  Legend has it that the Emperor, discouraged, decided to raise the siege and the city was safe.  In memory of Gagliaudo’s brave idea, a small statue of the farmer is set into the side of the cathedral of Alessandria.