Monferrini di Aleramo

White flour, sugar, Piedmontese IGP hazelnuts, butter.

An unconventional twist on the classic hazelnut cake.

Monferrini di Aleramo

How to enjoy them
A cold glass of Moscato is the best partner to the lingottini, tiny delights prepared with the same ingredients as the torta gagliaudo, but in a single portion for your conveninece.  As a quick snack try them with a nice cup of tea or on  a cold winter‘s night with a hot mug of chocolate topped with whipped cream.


How this cake is born

An old Monferrato legend has it that in around 900 AD Aleramo, squire to  the Emperor Ottone I, fell in love with his daughter, Adelasia, and they decided to elope.  After a few years of adventures, the Emperor finally decided to forgive the two fugitives and granted Aleramo a fiefdom as big as the distance he could cover with a horse in three days and three nights. One night, Aleramo’s horse lost one of its horseshoes and, without the help of a smith, Aleramo used a brick (‘Mon’ in our dialect) to shoe (‘Frrà’) his horse. Since then, the feud Aleramo conquered was named Monferrato. It lies nowadays between the provinces of Alessandria and Asti.